Solution No.1
Application scenarios of water quality monitoring
The on-line water quality monitoring system consists of the following four parts:
1. Data acquisition and monitoring module with long-term stable operation
2. Nb-iot communication transmission module with wide coverage and low energy consumption
3. Solar cell module module
4. Cloud platform for data management and early warning and forecast

A certain number of representative video monitoring points and water quality monitoring points are scientifically arranged for long-term continuous observation in places such as rivers, lakes, chemical parks, water intake points of waterworks, sewage discharge points of factories and urban sewage pipe networks. Solar power supply can provide continuous monitoring guarantee. Through the water COD (chemical oxygen demand) and TOC (total organic carbon), BOD (biochemical oxygen demand), TOD (TOD), colority, turbidity, ammonia nitrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium permanganate parameters such as continuous observation, and to obtain large amounts of data to analyze water quality pollution change rule of systematic forecast the change trend of water pollution, Remote efficient treatment and research of water quality related issues.

Solution No.2
Application scenario of real-time attitude monitoring
The real-time attitude monitoring system consists of the following four parts:
1. Online monitoring data management and early warning and forecast cloud platform
2. Deformation data early warning processing, transmission and storage module
3. Video surveillance module
4. Solar power supply module

The real-time attitude monitoring system, which integrates GNSS antenna carrier phase difference technology and AISG protocol remote upload, effectively realizes the accurate deformation monitoring of high-risk buildings, overall Bridges, water conservancy and electric facilities, geological environment hidden dangers and other objects. The system not only greatly reduces the labor cost, but also realizes automatic monitoring and intelligent warning of the safety indexes such as tilt and settlement of the monitored object, and further improves the interaction and visualization between real-time attitude monitoring and users.

Solution No.3
4G/5G communication & GPS positioning embedded PCBA
The integrated development of IoT, 5G, AI, Blockchain, Cloud computing, big data, AR/VR will eventually form an integrated solution for the Internet of Things. Large-scale commercialization of upstream technology and reduction of r&d cost and application threshold of downstream terminal enterprises are the key to realize "intelligent connection of all things". As a wireless module and solution provider for the Internet of Things, our company has launched the industry-oriented "4G/5G communication positioning embedded PCBA" with high performance and high cost performance, which meets the application requirements of wireless data communication in the fields of urban intelligent traffic management, municipal environmental protection monitoring and scenic area information management.

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